—We are here for the brown eyes supremacy!

Brown eyes are bold, mystical, unconventional, yet not always embraced as ‘special’. Even if they don’t inspire Beethoven’s symphonies, they do work magic when it comes to makeup. We have all seen and done (while also failing at it) the trend of matching your eye makeup with the colour of your eyes. And the beauty of brown is that it doesn’t have an opposite colour on the wheel. This means, an opportunity of creating endless looks. 

With that said, the only thing that now remains is to do it right. Whether you want to go for breezy colours in lighter hues or experiment with darker tones, your brown eyes will stand out regardless. To ace your brown eyes makeup look every time, we have compiled a few tips on how to choose an eyeshadow, and makeup looks for brown eyes that you need to try right away.

How To Choose An Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

Like we said, you can experiment with every colour in a palette to accentuate your brown eyes. However, here is the guide that can help you know the drill better. 

  • Shades Of Your Eye Colour

The colour payoff of your eyeshadow can differ depending on the shades of brown your eyes are. So when you want to pick an eyeshadow, you might want to consider the true shade of your brown eyes. Dark brown eyes can befriend warmer tones to brighten up the eyes and light brown eyes can work magic with darker eyeshadow shades.

  • Knowing Your Skin Undertone

There is a lot of importance given to your skin tone (as one should) while deciding on a makeup look. But not many gravitate towards undertones with the same ardour. Undertone is the hue below your skin’s surface that dominates your skin tone. Warm, cool, and neutral are the three types of undertones to look for. 

You can determine your undertone by examining the veins underneath your wrist. You have a cool undertone if your veins appear blue or purple. Green veins indicate you are warm-hued. It’s most likely that you have a neutral undertone if you’re having difficulty choosing between blue and green.

Use shades of ivory eyeshadows for skin tones with a cooler hue. Warm skin tones can opt for shades of pink or brown tones. To create a look that appears most natural, neutral skin tones can use a combination of colours used in warm and cool hues.

  • Knowing Your Hair Colour

While it may seem peculiar, using your hair colour as a cue to find your best-suited makeup colour can never go wrong. To make your eyes pop, use warmer eyeshadows if you have brown eyes and darker hair. If you have lighter hair, choose cool eyeshadow tones that will reflect your hair’s natural radiance.

Eyeshadow Colours That Complement Brown Eyes

makeup for brown eyes

Despite the variety of makeup options that work well with brown eyes, the following shades are the most effective at accentuating their beauty.

  • Shades Of Gold

Shades of gold complement your brown eyes like a dream. Brown eyes are a beautiful mosaic of pigmented yellows and golden and look ethereal when the sun shines on them. Gold eyeshadows in shades of copper, bronze, rose gold, or shimmers can be your go-to pick.  

You can never go wrong with our fan-favourite Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Palette in the range 01 Flawless. With soft, neutral shades of creams and golds for the lids and deep hues to give you a smokey-eye finish, this palette gives you all the flawless looks.

  • Shades Of Purple

Purple is an absolute contrast to beautiful shades of browns, this allows your eye makeup to create a statement. Since the spectrum of purple shade oscillates from lavender to violet, you can create looks for both day and night. If you are wearing purple during the day, stick to lighter shades, and if you are wearing it at night, use darker shades. Smudge purple and shades of black alongside each other in the outer corners of the eyes to create a smokey eye look. Try the purple shade in our Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Palette in the shade range 03 Fantasy, an amazing collection of pretty mauves and pinks.

  • Shades Of Black

You can never go wrong with black right? A pleasing contrast to browns, black and greys will really intensify your natural eyes. Dark grey eyeshadow blended with neutral browns makes a classic smokey eye. For a more defined look, apply a shimmering silver eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil. The gunmetal silver and black hues from our bestselling palette – shade variant 02 Warrior are highly pigmented and can give you an effortless smokey look in seconds. 

  • Mattified Browns

What seems very contradictory, mattified browns will actually work well to enhance your natural brown eyes. You can opt for lighter tones of browns to accentuate your dark brown eyes and vice versa. Our Two Good To Be True Dual Eyeshadow in the shade 02 Cookies & Cream is a beautiful mix of brown and gold that will help you create endless looks.

How To Create An Eye Makeup Look For Brown Eyes

Since gold is a great infusion in eye makeup for brown eyes, here is an easy look you can try with shades of gold, browns, and shimmer. Follow this simple eye makeup for brown eyes. 

  • Step 1: Prep  20 minutes before starting off with your eye makeup, apply eye cream to soothe and prep your eye area. Move on to applying a concealer and eyeshadow primer. Our Coffee Culture Firming Eye Cream can be a great pick for you. Infused with skin-soothing seaweed, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter, it helps to soothe, brighten, and strengthen the skin barrier around your eyes. 
  • Step 2: Application – With an eyeshadow brush, begin with a beige base and apply the eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes. Blend it well and bring the pigments towards the centre of your eyelids. You can follow the beige with a medium brown shadow, sweeping it along the outer areas of your eyelid. If you add a darker brown to your outer eye and a lighter beige to your inner eye, your eyes will look more distinct. Our Blend Trend Dual Eyeshadow Brush – 413 Flat + Round Xl is a wonderful dual-ended eyeshadow brush that features a fluffy blending brush on one end and a smudger brush on the other side making it perfect for applying and blending shadow.
  • Step 3: Add Some Bling – With a light hand, blend the shades for an effortless gradient look that transitions without being abrupt. Now for the fun part, add a gold shimmering eyeshadow to the centre or the outer corner or your eyelids for a dramatic effect. Our Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadow in the shade 01 champagne charm will surely grab all the limelight.
  • Step 4: Add Some Kajal – Many are sceptical of using coloured kajals but when we are talking brown eyes, take the OTT route and steer clear of usual blacks. You will be stunned to see how our Kohl Of Honour Intense Kajal in the shade, Go Green, True Blue and Brown Bag elevate your eye colour and will make for the best kajal choice, ever.
  • Step 5: Final Touches – Complete your look with winged eyeliner and coat your eyelashes with a generous swipe of mascara for a polished finish and do not forget a spritz of setting spray to lock your makeup in place. Our Lash of The Titans Volumizing Mascara will leave your lashes looking more defined, and give dramatic results.