From the new season of Stranger Things to the classic old Friends, we all love shows that take us to another world, right? Nothing can take away the pleasure of these cult gems, be it a quick spree while munching on chips or binge-watching all night. But if you are a beauty fanatic like us, you must be surely eyeing the creative makeup on shows — from these vintage classics and new favourites. We are here to help unleash your glam side and indulge in these iconic small screen offerings that can also be called the best makeup tv shows ever!

Top TV shows with the best beauty looks


1. Euphoria

Let’s start with the most talked-about show of the year. Whether Maddy’s colorful revenge winged eyelids or Cassie’s soft pink lips, Euphoria took the fashion and beauty world to the next level. It has become one of the most trending tv shows with the best makeup looks to take inspiration from. Honestly, the bold and fierce euphoria makeup looks have acted as an incubator for fashion and beauty trends.

Mad Men

2. Mad Men

Do you miss the fantastic advertising pitch meeting of Don Draper and Peggy Olson or maybe the classic period clothes? If yes, you might have noted down the stunning colored lips of the ladies too. From bold red to poppy coral, the series ace the 60s makeup trend to perfection. To recreate Betty Draper’s cult classic coral lip, use the Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick in the shade 05 Coral Dilemma.

3. Peaky Blinder

Aren’t you a part of a deeply committed bunch that always spots the best of beauty? (Maybe this is why we vibe!) Other than the hot Cillian Murphy – and his nefarious gang, Peaky Blinders also served one of the best beauty looks on TV. Depending on your makeup style Peaky Blinder can be one of the go-to tv shows with the best makeup looks. Whether you are a fan of Polly Gray’s feisty personality and equally bold lips or Grace’s nude makeup, the series comes up with as happening turns as their eyeballing looks.

Peaky Blinders

4. Fleabag

From fiery lip shades to glowing face mist, Fleabag sets next-level goals for all beauty lovers. Besides the witty, dark humour, the show also gained popularity for its elegant fashion, envy-worthy hairstyles and clean captivating makeup. The show not only makes us appreciate its dry wit, but it also forces us to recreate Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s classic brownish-red lipstick. Do it with our bestselling Matte Attack Transferproof Lipsticks in the shade 02 Red Zeppelin.

5. Orange in new black

We don’t know about you, but we were totally obsessed with the OITNB! Between hyperventilating about the risk of smuggling contraband and prison drama, we also noticed something else: the cool and easy ways to look gorgeous. Whether it is the graphic liner of Flaca, chunky eyelashes of Nicky, or even crimson red lips of Red, the beautiful looks from the tv show gave a lot of makeup hints to steal.

Orange Is The New Black

Now that you are familiar with the best beauty looks on tv, don’t wait any longer and be Maddy, Fleabag, Lorna and Polly whenever you want.