7 Glowy Highlighter Tips That Will Completely Change Your Face

7 Glowy Highlighter Tips That Will Completely Change Your Face

If there’s one beauty mantra we tend to live by, it’s there’s no such factor as an excessive amount of highlighter makeup. For real, we tend to don’t limit blazing strobes to only the cheekbones; we tend to use it all over from our lips to our eyes, and even our body. And once applied strategically, a highlighter will fully rework your face all whereas amping up your glow game. Here is a unit our professional highlighter tips and hacks that’ll have you ever shining bright this summer:

Tip 1: Layer completely different Highlighter Tones and Textures

There are 3 common highlighter textures: cream, powder, and liquid, that all give distinctive finishes. Cream and liquid highlighters area unit usually softer and additional natural-looking on skin whereas powders area unit generally additional dramatic. For seriously poppin’ beams, use a cream or liquid formula initial, then layer a highlighter powder on high, employing a fan brush. This trick can take your strobes from 144p resolution to 4K immoderate HD.

When selecting a highlighter shade, opt for one that’s roughly 2 shades lighter than your foundation. If you've got honest skin, pink-hued highlighters area unit insanely pretty, and for olive and deeper skin tones, golden and chromatic sorts can provide you with divine divinity vibes. We tend to advocate you to use LA Girl REVERIE half dozen COLOR HIGHLIGHTER PALETTE for it.

Tip 2: combine Highlighter into Your Foundation

To take your foundation from a matte to wet end, simply combine your foundation with a cream or liquid highlighter and it’ll leave your skin trying thus refulgent. On the rear of your hand, add many drops of liquid or cream highlighter then mix it in together with your foundation. Once you’ve mixed it all up, apply your foundation as was common.

Tip 3: Use Highlighter to form Your Eyes Pop

To instantly create your eyes pop, apply a bright highlighter powder onto the inner corners. you'll be able to conjointly add barely of highlighter to the terribly center of the lids! Finally, apply highlighter directly below the tail finish of your brow for a raised end.

Tip 4: create your own lightness Setting Powder

Why set your makeup with a daily powder after you will customize your own to allow yourself a serious glow-up? By taking a small quantity of shimmer powder and mixing it with a loose setting powder, you’ll produce the last word glow-giving setting powder. Merely combine the powders along within the lid, then employing a massive flossy brush, mud the formula across your face to line your foundation as you always would. Watch out with this shimmer, as a bit goes an extended way!

Tip 5: mix Your Highlighter and Setting Spray

One of our incomparable favorite hacks is combining the wonder powers of highlighter and setting spray. The top result? Your skin encompasses a gorgeous glow that stays in situ all day long. Begin by soaking your sponge in setting spray, then dip it in an exceedingly cream or liquid highlighter. Next, dab the mixer onto the high points of your face, specializing in your cheekbones. Next, apply what’s left on your makeup sponge to your Cupid’s bow, brow bone, and therefore the bridge of your nose, and so gently press it into your skin everywhere to lock in your look.

Tip 6: Use Highlighter on Your Cupid ’s bow

By adding a bit shimmer to your Cupid’s bow (the high center of your lips) you’ll produce a refined raise that’ll create your lips seem fuller. We tend to like to use a champagne-toned highlighter that we tend to apply with our fingers or a tiny low brush. You’ll be able to conjointly mud some highlighter to the middle of your lower lip for a juicier pout.

Tip 7: Use Highlighter everywhere Your Body

When we tend to do the same we don’t limit ourselves, we tend to not exaggerate! For everyday wear, we tend to typically mud a powder highlighter onto our shoulders and neckline to attain a sun-kissed glow. However, for full glam, we tend to prefer to produce a body highlighter cream by mixing a tiny low quantity of liquid highlighter into our regular lotion. We’re thus addicted to this hack that we tend to create the last word, all-over body highlighter, our REVERIE half dozen COLOR HIGHLIGHTER PALETTE. It creates an associated insane glow that blurs imperfections and adds a shocking, sun-kissed tint to the skin.