—Raw. Risqué. Ravishing. That’s experimental makeup in three words

One thing is established: in the year 2022, makeup translates into freedom. Minimal, maximum, whatever one may want to call it, makeup is much more personalized, and there is something for everyone here. It’s a concept that is raging towards ageless, genderless, and unconventional beauty norms – and we couldn’t be happier. As a cosmetic brand ourselves, we glee over the fact that today, makeup has become a creative escape for many, giving people the liberty to express themselves the way they want, and in the colors they want. 

After two, very uncertain years of the pandemic, fashion and beauty have become tools to create new realities, build confidence, and just make one feel good. It is thus snowballing to become something much bigger than anyone could ever imagine. We’ve all seen how Euphoria eye makeup looks became as popular as the show or Julia Fox’s unapologetically bold black eyeliner look at Cannes that caught everyone’s eye. 

But that being said, it’s worthy to note that…

Experimental Makeup Does Not Mean Loud Makeup

It is also the soft pastel creases, and the nude shimmer eyelids. It is also minimal, it is also vibrant. Experimental makeup is your playground, you can do whatever you like, and it will still be you. It need not be maximalist all the time, if you find happiness in a simple pink eyeliner or a subtle glitter eyeshadow palette, then that is experimental makeup too. 

Makeup That Is All You

Experimental makeup was slowly brewing in the past couple years, and the 2-year long dud gap due to the pandemic just added more fuel. It puts you first. It is makeup that describes you, your passion, and your desires, and does not follow a set rule-book.


It Goes Beyond Gender

If Bend It Like Beckham was made in 2022, it could be named Blend It Like Beckham, because blending too qualifies for a sport! If you too have found yourself dumb-found at how men on IG have cracked the code to flawless makeup, then you know what we’re talking about. Men have done it all and more with panache and expressed themselves beautifully, one genius stroke at a time. They’re out there wingin’ it with their bold eyeshadow, dramatic lips, killer contour, and on fleek brows. Inclusive experimental makeup is a high and soaring wave, which is getting stronger by the day.  This year, embrace experimental makeup with open arms, and see how it hugs you back!