Makeup Artists Show Off New Ways to Wear Blush

Makeup Artists Show Off New Ways to Wear Blush

Wearing blush

You switch up your eye look all the time, play with completely different foundation finishes, and even experiment along with your lip game. What concerning your blush, though? Blush lends itself to completely different application techniques, and you’d be stunned at simply what quantity of a shift one technique will bring your face compared to another!

Ready to dive into your blush compact and level-up your makeup game? Contemplate making an attempt one among these new ways in which to wear your blush.

1. Blush Draping

There’s an honest likelihood you’ve already detected the term “blush draping.” This retro-inspired look has whole created a comeback. “This technique was created within the ‘70s by makeup creative person manner Bandy,” says our in house makeup creative person. “It consists of blush applied during a C-shape from the temples to the apples of the cheek, with the color usually connecting onto the eyelids.”

What You Need: She says that bright, vivid blushes work best for this look. “If you like a cream formula, attempt soft matte cream blush, a bright variant shade that's becoming for any skin tone.  “Gel blushes are [also] a good possibility for this look, as they are doing not crease. Build a good looking, draped glow by layering it to your required intensity.” attempt any hue of it.

How to Pull It Off: begin at the temple and sweep your blush round the eye space and onto the malar bone. “It ought to look abundant subtle whereas still having an important concentration of color,” says professional. “You could stop here, or build the design by mistreatment an eye fixed brush to mix blush on the lid and into the crease, sweeping the color resolute meet the blush at the bottom of your temple.”

If desired, you'll add a deeper shade of blush within the hollow of the cheek to make dimension with a gradient. “For further endurance on the attention space, layer on some clear powder or a coordinating powder war paint,” advises professional

2. Blush as Contour

Let’s simply saunter right into a brand new decade, shall we? Blush as contour hails from the color-drenched ‘80s, however today’s version puts an additional trendy spin on the design.


“Unlike the ‘80s version, that saw a harsh stripe of color below the malar bone, today’s contour blush is softer and additional subtle,” says our professional. “This is nice for adding depth and dimension to a ‘no makeup’ look while not employing a ancient contour, or for transfer color and dimension to any makeup look.”

What you need: professional says to achieve for deep or natural-toned blushes with a matte end for this look. One among her favorites is velvet contour blush stick, in effulgent and variant for deeper complexions.

How to Pull It Off: The blush contour technique is comparable to applying ancient contour. “First, suck in your cheekbones to see wherever the hollow of your cheek lies,” says professional. “Then softly buff your blush into the hollow of your cheek for a subtle contour. Begin lightweight and build the color till you're glad with the extent of intensity.

3. Bronzer Blush

This is an analogous idea to contour; solely we’re putting a blush spin on bronzer. “Instead of reaching for a bronzer, attempt employing a peach or neutral-toned blush in its place,” says professional. “This works particularly well for ceramic ware and honest skin tones as a bronzer will usually look too orange and generally even dirty.’”

What You Need: Reach for a peach or neutral-toned hue with a matte or fabric end. Powder, liquid, gel, or cream blushes all work well for this look, therefore select no matter formulation you wish best.

How To Pull It Off: There are 2 choices for the position of the blush.

Option 1: “For a ‘fresh from the beach’ look, apply blush at the hairline, on the chin, and during a w-shape from the apple of 1 cheek over the bridge of the nose and ending at the apple of the opposite cheek,” says expert.

Option 2: For an additional elegant approach, he says to border your face by putting blush on the hairline. “Then produce the quality 3-shape beginning at the temples, sweeping the blush round the eye space to below the malar bone, then back on the malar bone,” says expert. You’ll additionally apply blush down the perimeter of the face and on the jawline, ending simply before the chin.