Hey! If you have dull skin, don’t abandon the makeup ship just yet. We’ve received your SOS and we got a bag full of tips for you! Years of watching your makeup get sabotaged by ashy under-eyes turn ashy and a lacklustre complexion might have left you unspirited. But hey let us play genie and present to you the best makeup tips that dull skin types can grace for a fresh makeover. Read this makeup guide ahead to discover how you can welcome glowy radiance on board.

1. Prep Your Skin

One of the most important and obvious steps in any makeup routine will put emphasis on skincare first. To ace any makeup look, make sure you are tackling your dull skin symptoms well. We advise stocking up on both hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to keep your skin protected against a wishy-washy face. If a dull complexion has been giving you nightmares, we recommend using our Citrus Got Real Retinol Brightening Serum to reap the benefits of a vitamin C enriched facial serum for skin brightening. A healthy dose of hyaluronic acid can boost and plump up rough and sluggish skin textures too. To mimic a duly nourished and hydrated face, include our Aquaholic Hyaluronic Serum in your skincare routine.

2. Exfoliate To Get Rid Of Dead Skin

Before you layer your face with moisturizer as a part of your cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine, make sure you are exfoliating your face at least twice a week to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Since uncleared dead skin cells have the tendency to mute your skin’s brightness, make sure you are keeping all the dry patches and flakes at bay with our Aquaholic Pore Exfoliating Scrub. Regular exfoliation not only helps in unveiling fresh supple and soft skin but also helps makeup glide on and blend in seamlessly with your skin.

3. Depuff Your Face With An Ice Cube Hack

Alia Bhatt loves it, Bella Hadid swears by it and we think you should try it too! A mainstay in Korean skincare, ice cubes play an important role in regulating the blood flow and circulation on your face. Look like a zombie way too often even after wearing makeup? Rub an ice cube on your face or dunk your face in a bowl of ice to zap out the dullness and brighten up your skin in a jiffy!

4. Banish Dullness With A Colour Correcting Primer

If you have dabbled into the world of makeup for long enough, you must be aware of the wonders a primer and colour corrector are capable of. But today, we have a recommendation for an extra-special addition to your kitty – a current makeup rage and our latest complexion marvel, The Most Eligiblur Correcting Primer! A makeup all-rounder formulated to slay a flawless base, this face primer colour corrects and blurs out imperfections in tandem. 

Dealing with sallow skin? Try our The Most Eligiblur Correcting Primer – 01 Peach Precedent (Peach). If you are fed up with hyperpigmentation issues on your dusky skin tone The Most Eligiblur Correcting Primer – 02 Onward Orange (Orange) is your answer to zap it out. To stop acne spots from dulling out your facial glow and brightness, we suggest that you opt for The Most Eligiblur Correcting Primer – 03 Jade Jockey (Green)  for a spotless moment under the spotlight!

5. A Brightening Foundation Is A Must

Ditch the mattes if you are currently under the watch of dull skin. When it comes to foundation, a glowy base is a must for those dealing with a dull skin type. A brightening foundation loaded with skincare benefits is an ideal choice and our Rage For Coverage 24 HR Foundation ticks all boxes. Fortified with purslane plant extracts famous for their antioxidant benefits, this foundation offers full coverage support to sombre skin by eliminating dullness and pigmentation with a luminous glow.

6. Conceal Under Eye Area With A Concealer

Dark circles and baggy under eyes can make your skin look even more dull and bring forth unwanted attention to them. But wait, all hope’s not lost when you have a robust concealer by your side. Looking to send those raccoon eyes on an exit route? Make sure you are sweeping off the blemishes under your peepers with our Magic Wand Waterproof Concealer. This lightweight yet heavy-duty concealer is a one-swipe wonder that covers up all imperfections and imparts a dreamy airbrushed finish to awaken tired droopy and puffy eyes.

7. Use A Bright Blush On Your Cheeks

Adding a dose of colour on the apples of your cheeks can be a real saviour when you are working on a dull skin type. Although matte blushes can be considered, our vote definitely goes to a liquid blush formula or a creamy version of the same. Our Face FWD >> Blush Stick works brilliantly on pale skin, imbues your face with the right amount of hue and leaves behind a dewy glow.

8. Light It Up With Highlighter

Is dull skin the bane of your makeup’s existence? Well then, load up on the best makeup boon available for mankind – highlighters! Unarguably the star of any makeup look, dull-skinned pals are recommended to bring on that divine glow with our Glow And Behold Jelly Highlighter to imitate a glossy beaming skin. Looking to fake some extra hydration on your base? Add a few drops of our Own The Light Liquid Highlighter to your foundation for that lit-from-within lewk!

9. Choose The Right Eye Makeup

For dullness to be sent on an exile, give your eyes a much-needed eye makeover by choosing your eye makeup wisely. A black liner on dull skin tones and droopy eyes is a big no-no. Instead, opt for a light smudge on your lids and lash line with our Kohl Of Honour Intense Kajal – 02 Brown Bag (Chocolate Brown). For an elevated look, add a slight dash of shimmer to your lids to rock a gorgeous makeup look.

10. Seal Your Look With A Glowy Mist

To give your skin and makeup a new lease of life, include a face mist or setting spray in your makeup routine. For dull skin to walk that extra mile and be a glow-getter, spritz some of our Grand Finale Highlighting Setting Mist at the end for a glowing finish.

11. Opt For Bright Lipsticks

Rejoice, because we have lipstick suggestions too! If you are looking for lippie shade recommendations, we strongly suggest not to lacquer your lips with deep maroons or vampy shades. Instead, pucker up right and bright with shades of pink and orange like our Nothing Else Matter Longwear Lipstick – 06 Pink Aloud (Bright Fuchsia Pink) or our Good Moodies Lip Crayon – 10 Wild Child (Bright Orange) for an oh-so-perfect look!

Follow these tips to the T and we are sure you will bid happy goodbyes to all dull skin problems very soon. P.S – Don’t forget to pay attention to your skincare routine too!