Inspiring Eyebrow Tin Dark And Defined
Inspiring Eyebrow Tin Dark And Defined
Inspiring Eyebrow Tin Dark And Defined
Inspiring Eyebrow Tin Dark And Defined

Inspiring Eyebrow Tin Dark And Defined

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L.A. Girl brings you great defining eyebrow kits that are sure to inspire, tame and frame. Each reusable metal tin is packed with two brow powder shades, a flattering highlighter shade and a clear wax with a mirror, double angled brush, spoolie applicators and tweezers so that you have everything you need for perfect brows.


  • Reusable metal tin with mirror, double-ended angled brush and spoolie applicator, and tweezers
  • High pigment shades with customizable color
  • Includes two brow powder shades, highlighter, and wax

"Start with upward strokes and proceed filling it to the tails. Fill in short and light strokes matching the length of your brows for a perfect natural look. Now, start thickening your natural arch, but avoid filling in the brow, that will look harsh. For a dramatic look, fill and extend the tails a little more. Once you are done with filling, brush up your brows upward for a natural look.

Tip: To choose the ideal shade you should go with two shades lighter than your hair."


Highlighter/Brow Powder

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To shape the eyebrow, wax or peel it along the natural lines of the brow to ensure a perfect contour. It opens your face, brightens your eyes and emphasizes the structure of your bones. Eyebrow shades can be applied, semi-permanent colors to shape, define, and emphasize eyebrows. We can provide you how to naturally fill in your eyebrows using brow powder, brow pencil, highlighter, and/or brow gel.

During eyebrow shaping, eyebrows are professionally measured based on the natural bone structure of the face. The forehead is then filled with a powder shaped to keep the face perfectly balanced. This guarantees 100% consistency in your eyebrow shape, so as your eyebrow expert we can never go wrong when shaping your eyebrows. It also ensures that only the hair that needs to go is taken and prevents overgrowth / plucking. Overall, this process allows proper eyebrow growth when growth is needed to perfect the shape of the eyebrows. Final result is what uour best eyebrows!

yes there is a certain measurement that determines where my brows should be. It is entirely based on the structure of the bone, and the eyebrows need to start at the inner corner of the nose and climb the bridge of the nose to reach the eyebrows. The tail (or edge) of the eyebrows should lean against the outer wrinkles of the nose, the wrinkles of the eyes, and the eyebrows. The highest point of the eyebrows should line up with the bridge of the nose and cut across the pupil of the eye to the top of the eyebrows. This measurement applies to any face shape.

There are four main forms of eyebrow hair removal: waxing, plucking, threading, shaving or shaving. Waxing is usually done using warm body wax (usually made from honey) and applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth. Then place a piece of cloth on top of the wax application and move it quickly and firmly to remove the hair under the wax. When done correctly, this method of hair removal removes hair directly from the hair follicles.
Tweezing is done with a hair removal tool called "tweezers". Tweezers are designed to remove one or more hairs at a time in the direction of growth of the forehead and extract the hairs from the hair follicles. This method is the mildest and can be used alone for those who are very sensitive to other forms of hair loss. However, it is often used in combination with waxing to create a more accurate eyebrow shape and remove hair that is too short to wax.
Threading is a hair removal method that began in the Middle East and South Asia. When threading, double the fine thread (cotton or polyester) before twisting. It is then wrapped around unwanted hair areas to remove hair at the hair follicle level. Unlike tweezers, which pull out individual hairs one at a time, threading can remove short hair at a time.
Shave / shave the eyebrows with a razor and move the blade against the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. This method only removes the hair on the surface of the skin.

It is very common that we encounter women with over tweezed brows. Did they over-pick their brows to pull out the look that was fashionable years ago, or did they just have a bad experience at a nail salon or spa. No matter whatever the cause of over wax/tweezed eyebrows, the finest way to handle is to allow your brows to rest and GROW! You cannot attain proper brow growth if: 1: You are continually "cleaning up your brows" yourself. 2: You are incessantly getting your eyebrows shaped imperfectly. Most women have really healthy follicles, but no growth is seen because the hair that actually enriches the eyebrows is removed by being mistaken for "lost". All hair is important when it comes to forehead growth! There are also home remedies that can help grow amounts. One of the best home remedies is to use castor oil. Just apply a dime size to clean your eyebrows every morning and evening. Avoid using products like Rogaine. These products can and grow hair. But products like Rogaine make your hair follicles dependent. This means that as soon as you stop using the product, you will see that these hairs are rapidly declining. As your eyebrows grow larger, be sure to invest in the right eyebrow products / makeup to fill your eyebrows properly and naturally. If you don't know how to achieve a natural forehead fill, make a reservation. I will show you how to do that.


L.A. Girl Cosmetics is all about bringing artistry to life by providing prestige-quality color cosmetics to all makeup users alike - from the savvy beauty junkie to the inspired novice.

As an affordable luxury cosmetics brand, L.A. Girl Cosmetics loves to INSPIRE beauty by creating new ways to ignite individual expression thru the ART OF COLOR. We’re a chic and savvy professional makeup brand that places the power of artistry in the hands of today’s aspiring makeup user.

L.A. Girl Cosmetics has taken pride in offering on-trend, innovative, and exceptional quality products. With an amazing selection of high-quality cosmetic products that cater to makeup enthusiasts all over the world, L.A. Girl has become a destination brand that offers beauty without compromise – BEAUTY FOR ALL!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great pallet

The colors that are in this pallet of make up are just perfect and has every shade that you need for dark eyes.


Good pigmentation, could be used professionally too

Shubhangi Tamrakar

Good nd pigmentation is also good nd best for those who don't like pomade

Perfect match

Love the brow colors I picked the medium, sealed with the wax and added the highlighter -perfect! Can't wait to try the whole line!

My Favorite

It’s my favorite, I always stock up on buying 2 at a time. I used to buy this at Target but they don’t see this product anymore there. UGH

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